Client Testimonials

“June’s approach to massage therapy has been a wonderful experience for me.  I have permanent spinal conditions that are substantially eased with her techniques.  She pays careful attention to my responses as she manipulates muscles and nerve systems and explains the procedures so I can be a partner in our sessions and improve my behaviors following the sessions.  June makes me feel better – physically AND emotionally – as she applies her extensive knowledge, skill and commitment to my care.”

Eleanore S., Reston, VA

“A week ago, I experienced the Lymphatic Reflexology Detoxification massage as I am in the process of a weight loss program.  June was very meticulous and explained what she was doing along the way.  The next day I weighed in and was down 2 pounds.  She is very knowledgeable and genuinely cares about her clients and their well-being.”

-Donna C., Ashburn, VA

“I saw June for the first time yesterday. She’s amazing. So warm, knowledgeable and confident. I received the Lymphatic Reflexology Detoxification. It was not something I was familiar with but June put me right at ease. I would recommend her to everyone. Lymphatic Reflexology Detoxification was as relaxing as a massage.  I went into a deep meditative state. Plus I think I got a lot of additional benefits from the detoxification process. I’m looking forward to going back!”

– Debra C., Winchester, VA

“I have taken a full-body massage from June for multiple years. I try to schedule it after I have done the majority of my workouts from water aerobics, yoga and stretching in a week. June addresses my continuing issues with sciatica, myalgia and stiff feet weekly plus any issue that I ask her to concentrate on during my massage. I view my massage sessions as the “topping off” of a week working on body parts that are giving me trouble and June always sends me away happy and renewed.”

– David C., Retired Army Colonial, Lorton, VA

“June is truly gifted in her touch. She offers gentle yet deep manipulation and can read the body to release tense areas. Because she is trained in several modalities, she can work with those needing a light touch or deep work (like I do). She is so genuine and caring; you will feel deeply cared for when you leave a session with June.”

-Freddi D., PCC, NLP, Executive Coach/Trainer, Herndon, VA

“I recently went to see June Luff with June’s Therapeutic Massage, LLC. I have had chronic shoulder pain for some time. June was able to expertly find my “pain points” and ease my discomfort. I left feeling like a new person. June also discussed a plan to continue to alleviate my shoulder issues. I plan to hire June again in the near future. I would also recommend that others who either need to relax or are in pain go see June. You will be glad you did!”

-Kelly J., Reston, VA

“I suffer from stress and as a result, I have severe pain in my back and shoulders.  After receiving a deep tissue massage from June, I felt so relaxed and my back and shoulders are free of pain.  June individualized the massage to meet my needs, making the session extra special.  I highly recommend June Luff!  Everyone can benefit!  It truly was a blessing from God!  I plan to return!”

-Debra H., Winchester, VA